24 Jun

Using iDRAC with a gen 11 Dell Server (on a Mac) – phew

This post is really a persistent note for me. Every now and then I end up going down the road where I need to administer a Dell server (typically one I can afford for home use, like a Dell R610) – only to find that everything I rely on at work (like having windows/java/etc) is out the door. Here are some steps to allow access to the iDRAC on Dell Rx10 server from a Mac, using Chrome as a browser.

1: Install Java SRE –¬†https://java.com/en/download/mac_download.jsp

2: Log into the web front-end of your iDRAC (mine is at for future reference)

3: Go to the Console/Media tab and select ‘Configuration’

4: Change the plugin type from Native to Java, and disable video encryption.

5: Open System Preferences on your Mac, and find Java. Go to the ‘Security’ tab and add the https address of your iDRAC to the list of excepted sites.

6: You need to edit this file

/Library/Internet\ Plug-Ins/JavaAppletPlugin.plugin/Contents/Home/lib/security/java.security

And comment out the line that starts with “jdk.tls.disabledAlgorithms”

7: Back in the iDRAC web front-end, you can click ‘Launch’ on virtual console. This will download a .jnlp file (or a hideously renamed one, in my case). Rename this file viewer.jnlp (and accept OSX complaining about changing file extension).

8: Edit viewer.jnlp with a text editor (TextEdit or Nano will do) – and replace the ‘user’ and ‘passwd’ fields (which will be hashed numbers/text) with your iDRAC login details. Note – this step is optional, but it means you can open the console without having to log into iDRAC every time.

Should be good to go!

3 thoughts on “Using iDRAC with a gen 11 Dell Server (on a Mac) – phew

  1. James! This is Other James. I still get “Connection Failed” after commenting out that line. The fix works on Winders, but not macOS (Mojave). Can you confirm this fix still works on Mojave?

    • Hi Other .. me? Anyway, I would love to answer you this, but installing Mojave on my 2012 MBP has killed it and will cost nearly ¬£500 to fix.. So I can’t just now.

    • Hi James

      I just tried this again using my steps from the post on a Mojave machine (I typed Mojava twice before I got that right) – and it worked flawlessly.. Can you be sure you did all the annoying steps?

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