Using iDRAC with a gen 11 Dell Server (on a Mac) – phew

This post is really a persistent note for me. Every now and then I end up going down the road where I need to administer a Dell server (typically one I can afford for home use, like a Dell R610) – only to find that everything I rely on at work (like having windows/java/etc) is out the door. Here are some steps to allow access to the iDRAC on Dell Rx10 server from a Mac, using Chrome as a browser.

1: Install Java SRE –¬†

2: Log into the web front-end of your iDRAC (mine is at for future reference)

3: Go to the Console/Media tab and select ‘Configuration’

4: Change the plugin type from Native to Java, and disable video encryption.

5: Open System Preferences on your Mac, and find Java. Go to the ‘Security’ tab and add the https address of your iDRAC to the list of excepted sites.

6: You need to edit this file

/Library/Internet\ Plug-Ins/JavaAppletPlugin.plugin/Contents/Home/lib/security/

And comment out the line that starts with “jdk.tls.disabledAlgorithms”

7: Back in the iDRAC web front-end, you can click ‘Launch’ on virtual console. This will download a .jnlp file (or a hideously renamed one, in my case). Rename this file viewer.jnlp (and accept OSX complaining about changing file extension).

8: Edit viewer.jnlp with a text editor (TextEdit or Nano will do) – and replace the ‘user’ and ‘passwd’ fields (which will be hashed numbers/text) with your iDRAC login details. Note – this step is optional, but it means you can open the console without having to log into iDRAC every time.

Should be good to go!

5 thoughts on “Using iDRAC with a gen 11 Dell Server (on a Mac) – phew”

  1. James! This is Other James. I still get “Connection Failed” after commenting out that line. The fix works on Winders, but not macOS (Mojave). Can you confirm this fix still works on Mojave?

    1. Hi Other .. me? Anyway, I would love to answer you this, but installing Mojave on my 2012 MBP has killed it and will cost nearly ¬£500 to fix.. So I can’t just now.

    2. Hi James

      I just tried this again using my steps from the post on a Mojave machine (I typed Mojava twice before I got that right) – and it worked flawlessly.. Can you be sure you did all the annoying steps?

  2. Hey James,
    This worked perfectly on my old 2010 Macbook Pro running High Sierra.
    Prior to finding this article, i’d been really struggling – but this was a simple to follow guide that worked nicely.
    I got a couple of certificate errors when launching the session, but that would be expected.


    1. I am glad to hear it, Steve. Yeah, cert errors abound.

      I recently got a Dell R740 server and… wow. iDRAC with no Java in sight. It’s the promised land.

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