• Xiaomi Mi 5s - Overcoming a fake ROM


    I bought a fancy pants new Xiaomi phone. My Samsung S5 was getting a bit long in the tooth. I wanted another flagship, but Samsung’s ROMs have been bloating up recently and while I’m a custom ROM fanboy, I was getting sick of Cyanogenmod and the occasional app not working with an unlocked bootloader, custom ROM etc.

  • Source Specific Multicast with iperf

    oooh iperf ssm

    As part of my lab at work, I need to have lots of traffic flying around all over the place. Unicast IPv4 and IPv6, of course - but also traffic in L3VPNs and multicast traffic. Multicast is a big part of the day-to-day traffic load in my production network, so it’s important to be there in the lab too.

  • nfsen + debian + apache = d'oh

    I was re-doing one of my lab monitoring tools, a VM that hosted too many sparse and poorly maintained pieces of software. Now re-homing each bit onto its own VM (partially for sanity) - I ended up re-installing the excellent NFSen (a netflow monitoring tool/frontend for nfdump).

  • QoS for your Linux Plex box

    [FireQos in action](/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/Screen-Shot-2016-10-10-at-11.34.33-pm.png?ssl=1)
    FireQos in action

    When Jim Salter posted about FireQos the other day, it made me take note. FireQos is a unix’y firewall ‘for humans’. In my day job, QoS is a complex and multi-faceted thing, requiring tonnes of design, thought and understanding to implement correctly (not to mention hardware). It has dramatic effects on network traffic when set up correctly, but that usually means end-to-end config across a domain, so marking at one end of the network translates to actions all the way through. That’s a bit much for home.

  • Best Windows TFTP Client

    This is mostly a note to self.

    3CDaemon was always my Windows TFTP server of choice, but finding a valid .exe that works on Windows 7 64bit and isn’t riddled with viruses is a problem when you’re in a hurry. Ph Jounin has written the lovely Tftpd64. You can get it from the main site here (and in 32bit flavours if you like). I’ll upload the zip here too, incase it ever goes offline.